Tuesday, 24 August 2010



Dressy Dale is very concerned about bridal fashion line, to cater to every bride and groom's clothing needs for their special events.As people do their bridal shopping from India,Bangkok, they don't want to let them go outside from our country.so they are making very exclusive bridal and groom 's outfits.


When it comes to trend, glamour and sophistication, Dressy Dale has for a long time remained undisputed on the top of the list. With new designs hitting the stores almost every other season, their creations have always been, without doubt, something to look forward to.

Dressy Dale has always paid the utmost attention to details such as pattern, material and illustration. In their latest collection , they have used fabrics such as muslin, crepe, spin, plain georgette, silk, etc, on saris, shalwar kameez, panjabi, tunics and kurti.


Jatra, an exclusive fashion house working on boutiques, home d├ęcor and handicraft products with its unique design and modern presentation in Bangladesh, has been in operation for about seven years.

jatra uses local fabrics and traditional concepts of design.It mainly concentrates on a few specialized products and also has its own clothes manufacturing unit, block printing section and furniture manufacturing and finishing unit.